In February of 2003 my friend Bill, his fiancee Linda, and his cousin Carlton invited me to Salt Lake City for a snowboarding trip.

I have known Savannah's cousin Jerry for a few years now, and that he likes snowboarding, so I invited him also to come along for a weekend snowboarding trip at The Canyons resort.

The following are just a few of the pictures from that trip. Enjoy.

We arrived at SLC early afternoon, only to receive a phone call from Bill, "We are at the emergency room - Carlton hurt his hand - we're afraid he might have broken his hand"...

Sorry Carlton - he ended up watching a lot of DVD movies while we went to the resort...

Here we have Jerry Dearhamer on the left and Carlton Northrup
Bill, all serious and ready to tackle the mountain...
It's Jerry's first trip to Utah - think he was pretty excited...
Linda was just as serious as Bill was...
Meanwhile, Lewis as usual was snapping pictures away like anywere else
Picture from the Gondola - we were pretty high up. It is always humbling to visit the Rockies and realize that you are just a speck of dust in the world - at least as seen from above the mountain.
Man I need to lose some weight... :P
Or at least get some sleep...
Here we have Jerry Dearhamer from Bruce, Wisconsin again.
This lift is called Ninety-Nine 90 because it takes us to the top of the mountain, which stands 9990 feet... Wow.
Jerry all ready for today's challenge
Since it was our first day I decided to put my camera away, just in case I get careless and break something (camera, or a bone)... Not too many pictures today.
At the parking lot, discovered that my evil twin owns a tour bus business...
When are we leaving? When are we leaving? (Bill has the keys)
You guys should all shut up before I leave you here in the mountains!
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